Giving back to the community

Quality and Community: These are the two words that Old Dutch has lived by for over 75 years. Providing our customers with great tasting quality snacks has always been our objective. And being actively involved in our community has always been equally important.

That’s why, in 1996, Old Dutch successfully launched our well-known “Old Dutch Little ChippersTM” program into the community. Our goal: To provide local youth athletes the chance to participate in a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Since then, over 5,000 youth athletes have run the courts of basketball super-stars and skated the ice of many hockey greats. Many of today’s events take place during intermissions on the renowned ices of the Ralph Engelstad Arena (University of North Dakota), the National Hockey Center (St. Cloud State University), and even the Courts of the Williams Arena (University of Minnesota).

Old Dutch is extremely honored to be able to provide these unique opportunities to these young athletes and to be a part of these momentous milestones in their lives.

Old Dutch Foods: Supporting Activity in Today’s Youth through our commitment to Quality and Community!

Little ChippersTM Q&A

Below are some common questions about Old Dutch Little Chippers. If you have additional questions, please contact your local program coordinator for further details.

How do I get involved or find out more?
Please contact your local participating school or program:

Who can participate?
We would love if everyone could participate, but this program is limited to youth teams with players ages 12 and under who live within 60 miles of the participating program.

How many people can participate?
15 members is the maximum during each event.
I am not a member of a youth sports program/team. Can I still participate?
No, only teams are able to participate in this program at this time.
Where can I get tickets to watch my “Old Dutch Little ChipperTM” play?
Please contact the local ticket office of the school at which your Little ChipperTM is playing.

To participate in "Old Dutch Little Chippers™" Click Here