Find a local store that sells our product

Find a local store that sells your favorite Old Dutch products

We know that you come to us for consistently crunchy, consistently tasty, and consistently delicious products. We want it to be just as convenient to locate and purchase exactly what you’re looking for. Even with all of our efforts, our products aren’t yet available absolutely everywhere. So, to make it even easier, we’ve developed this store locator feature. Just choose the Product Family and Product Flavor you’re craving most and enter your zip code. Then walk, bike, or drive on over to the closest location to satisfy your excited taste buds.

This list is updated monthly, stores and selection may vary.  Old Dutch can not guarantee that every item will be available.  If the product that you are looking for is not listed in the selector it may be that we have discontinued this particular flavor due to its poor performance in the market.

Last updated:  November 30, 2015